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Breast Reduction Surgery in Asheville, NC


diagram showing the three stages of breast lift

Excessively large breasts, a condition called macromastia, can cause a number of health problems. Besides limiting physical activity, macromastia often causes neck, shoulder and back pain. Women with this condition can also develop a chronic rash under their breasts and deep grooves under their bra straps. Changes in posture from the weight of heavy breasts can also lead to numbness and tingling in hands and fingers. Large breasts can even make it hard to get a good night’s sleep.

Remedies such as physical therapy, heat or ice packs and pain medication provide only short term relief, and even losing weight has limited benefit for macromastia. A more effective solution is breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty. With this procedure, Dr. Marshall removes excess fat, breast tissue, and skin from your breasts. The result is breasts that are lifted and proportionate to your body, which relieves pain and discomfort and allows for a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Breast reduction surgery with Dr. Marshall is done on an outpatient basis, so most patients go home the same day. Recovery from breast reduction surgery is remarkably fast for most women – most feel much better within 24 hours. Pain from the incisions is minimal compared to most surgeries, since no muscles or supportive tissues are cut. You’ll also feel relieved by the reduced strain to your neck and back.

Macromastia is a recognized medical condition, and most insurance companies will pay for it, meaning there are little to no out of pocket expenses for the patient. Dr. Marshall will explain every step of your surgery, and his staff will help you through the insurance approval process.

Watch, in the OR, how Dr. Marshall reduces and lifts the breasts. The video is age-restricted and only available on YouTube.

Breast Reduction Before and Afters

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