MyEllevate is a neck lift procedure that contours the jawline and tightens neck skin using minimally invasive technology.

MyEllevate Neck Rejuvenation

Starting at $9,000

MyEllevate neck lift is a minimally invasive procedure to enhance and smooth the neck while helping to restore your jawline. It's a wonderful procedure that can be performed while patients are completely awake and with very little discomfort, both during and after surgery. It can be performed in conjunction with light VASER liposuction and our FaceTite technologies to give you back your smooth, youthful necklines. We call this the Reveal Tri-Neckta. The results will typically be observed for least 5 years, and if your weight remains relatively constant, they may last even longer. Downtime is usually 1-2 weeks, and there is minimal scarring.

Dr. Marshall and Reveal Aesthetic Surgery are proud to offer our patients state-of-the-art technologies that are SAFE and effective. MyEllevate for Hollywood and now for Western North Carolina.

See the exact steps of the in-office procedure in this 4 minute, animated demonstration video from Cynosure that includes proper head placement, puncturing, and suturing.

MyEllevate Surgery Results

Here is one of our beautiful patients, who is kind enough to post her results. Downtime is about one week. Compression (24/7) for one week. Pain is minimal. Results last at least 5 years, usually longer. This can also be combined with VASER liposuction and skin tightening with FaceTite.

MyEllevate Before and After Photos


He [Dr. Marshall] never made me feel rushed. He was always reassuring when I had questions after the surgery. His staff is caring and kind, as he is. That means a lot to me. I’m almost a month out and my friends’ responses have pretty much been “Wow! Retirement looks GOOD on you!”... Read full Google review

- Ann S.

Dr. Marshall is THE plastic surgeon you can trust. He makes sure you have all of the facts, both good and bad, for you to be informed about any procedure. You do not want a “yes man” in this industry. Sonya and Dr. Marshall are the perfect team to ensure any procedure is seamless... Read full Google review

- Summer W.

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