Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery in Asheville, NC

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Skin cancer biopsy, removal, and expert closures

If you have an abnormal looking mole or a skin cancer diagnosis, Dr. Marshall can biopsy or remove the suspicious lesion. After removing it, Dr. Marshall will use an advanced two layered closure, postoperative laser treatments, and a scar stem cell/growth factor serum to minimize your scars.

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Chronic wounds

Chronic wounds can be caused by pressure and are common for patients who are affected by paraplegia or quadraplegia. These wounds are often difficult to treat, but Dr. Marshall has performed hundreds of flap procedures that clean these wounds and close them permanently.

Another common location for chronic wounds is on the lower legs, and these wounds are often the result of poor arteries or veins. Dr. Marshall has treated thousands of these wounds and has an expert eye in diagnosing them. He will often ask a vascular doctor to assist him in fixing the actual problem before Dr. Marshall closes the wound with a skin graft or a flap.

Hand Surgery

Common hand ailments, such as carpal tunnel syndrom and trigger fingers, are quite common, especially in workers who use their hands or wrists frequently. Dr. Marshall has performed hundreds of carpal tunnel releases, trigger finger surgeries, and a variety of other hand procedures. These surgeries are usually covered by insurances and are performed as "same day" surgery.

Skin masses, "lumps and bumps"

Sebaceous cysts and lipomas, which are both benign skin masses, are quite common all over the body, and some can have a genetic component to them. Dr. Marshall can usually remove these in his Biltmore Park office under local anesthetic. If they are located in a cosmetically sensitive area, Dr. Marshall can offer postoperative laser scar treatments in addition to the growth factor/stem cell serum to apply directly to the scar.

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