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Truth About Facelifts: What You Need To Know Before Getting One

January 8, 2023

Older patients often ask if getting a facelift is the best way to restore their youthful faces. While it’s true that facelifts were introduced to reduce the signs of aging, it’s important to first understand what the procedure entails before deciding if you should go ahead with it.

Facelift surgery, traditionally called rhytidectomy, is an extremely popular procedure. In 2016, there were more than 131,000 facelifts performed in the United States, and the number of facelifts is increasing annually. Amongst plastic surgery experts, facelift surgery is the gold standard for rejuvenating the face and restoring a youthful and natural appearance.

The facelift procedure is relatively straightforward. However, not everyone will get great results from a facelift. A successful facelift depends on 3 key factors:

1. Good skin elasticity - During the procedure, your skin will be tightened to smooth out wrinkles. Successful healing will depend on your skin’s ability to adjust to its new contours. You will heal well and get better results if you have supple and flexible skin.

2. A strong bone structure - When you have a good bone structure, it will help you achieve better results because it provides sufficient support to your skin. If your bone structure is weak, you may want to consider using fillers along with the facelift or as an alternative to improve it.

3. Loose, excess skin around your neck, jawline, or midface - The goal of a facelift is to remedy skin laxity on your face. If you don’t have excess skin in those areas, your concerns might be better addressed by other treatments.

The goal of modern facelift surgery is to create a natural, rejuvenated look to patients so that they look like a younger version of themselves. The procedure typically involves repositioning of deep fat and muscle tissue and may involve volume replacement. Patients who are not ready for a facelift have several other options, including minimally invasive procedures or injectables.

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